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  1. Oasis soft Hub Team Quiet Space
    Oasis soft Hub Team Quiet Space
    As low as £5,038.80 £4,199.00
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About Frem

 A UK designer and manufacturer of workplace solutions


Frem are a leading UK manufacturer of innovative office, reception and meeting room furniture, storage solutions and library furniture. They create spaces that are not just offices, libraries, or schools: they are places where life happens, and people connect.

From bespoke reception areas and boardroom furniture, to standard desks and seating, storage and acoustic solutions; Frem offers the flexibility to be able to do it all.

Frem's established and respected in-house designers, and experienced, highly-skilled engineers and cabinet makers allow us to provide superior quality, manufactured to the highest standards, offering excellent value for money. Standard, or bespoke, we furnish all needs. Frem are the perfect choice to execute your vision, and push the boundaries that innovative businesses demand.

From humble beginnings in a kitchen, to a world-renowned company, Frem’s success is all down to passion, and people. As an independent, family-owned business, they are passionate about creating solutions that improve work spaces.

That passion is contagious: our customers regularly tell us (and others) about how impressed they are with our products and services. Because most of our contracts are down to recommendations from existing clients, we believe we are meeting, and exceeding their needs.

Frem use a network of trusted dealers to sell our products, enabling us to put our customers first, every step of the way. Our dealers know that no challenge is too big for us, and trust that we can solve any problems we are presented with.

There is no challenge that we can’t overcome.

Despite being a world-renowned company, Frem have kept the family business feeling, ensuring that every staff member feels valued, and engaged with their role in our success.


With a wide range range of products including:

Reception Furniture






Acoustic PODS

Library storage

Education Storage


Technology solutions


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