Silverline Tambour Shutter Cupboards
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Filing Cabinets are delighted to be an online dealer for Silverline OE products

Silverline have been manufacturing steel office furniture for over 30 years in the UK. With continuous manufacturing reinvestments, they have led the industry in moving with changing work environments. Creating adaptable, sensible and secure products for every kind of working situation; they design and specify with a view of the future in mind

Silverline Tambour Cupboards in Great colours and Heights

  • Silverline 2 Drawer Tambour Cupboards     
  • Silverline 3 Drawer Tambour Cupboards   
  • Silverline 4 Drawer Tambour Cupboards   


In addition we offer a range of Locking Tambour Cupboards    s in the following sizes:

  • Silverline 2 drawer locking Tambour Cupboards   
  • Silverline 3 Drawer Locking Tambour Cupboards   
  • Silverline 4 Drawer locking Tambour Cupboards   

This range of silverline Tambour Cupboards    s is produced in the UK and are delivered directly by Tambour Cupboards   . The range of locking Tambour Cupboards    provides additional peace of mind for securing small or personal items and each locking Tambour Cupboards     is supplied with two keys. All deliveries are booked in by our delivery partner so that your Silverline Tambour Cupboards     is delivered in perfect condition.

The Tambour Cupboards    has attractive handles and is available in 20 fabulous colours.

Each Silverline Tambour Cupboards    either locking or non-locking comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty and is delivered assembled   

  • The Tambour Cupboards    has attractive chrome handles and is available in
  • 20 fabulous colours.

  • Silverline light grey Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Black Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Graphite Grey Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Coffe Cream Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline silver Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline White Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline British Racing Green Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Blue Tambour Cupboards     
  • Silverline Red Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Signal White Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Traffic White Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Almond White Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Sand Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Traffic Purple Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Sienna Orange Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Chlorophyll Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Verdigris Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Ocean Cobalt Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Peppermint Green Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Pastel Blue Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Pastel Violet Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Lemon Yellow Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Pastel Turquoise Tambour Cupboards    
  • Silverline Green Beige Filing Tambour Cupboards   
  • Silverline Antique Pink Tambour Cupboards    

Not only does Silverline offer a multi-functional range of storage products, but they also understand the market and interpret new trends to ensure our clients offer leading edge solutions with our first class service and customer care. All this has gained them a reputation for innovation, dependability and value.

About Silverline


In response to this new economic environment we have enhanced our existing Executive and M:Line filing cabinet ranges to use sustainably sourced steel, and shows a significantly reduced carbon footprint of the products that contain it.

Ever conscious of the impact on the environment, we are pleased to not only meet ISO 14001 standards, but also be part of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme or FISP developed by FIRA. FISP has rapidly become established as the industry forum on all environmental and sustainable issues. FISP focuses on not just environmental issues, but also purchasing, end of product life, social and community issues.

Filing Cabinets are pleased to be a Silverline Partner

Silverline Office Furniture


Silverline works with an unrivalled network of partners to create workspace storage solutions for every type of business, from sole trader to multinationals. These partners include office furniture dealers, interior fit out and facilities management companies, and architects and designers. We believe that providing the best contemporary furniture products is only part of the solution, what really makes the difference is exceptional levels of service.

Our carefully chosen network of partners across the UK share our values, aspirations and, above all, our commitment to you, the customer. We don’t gamble our professionalism on just anyone. We too work with the professionals.

Working with Silverline, and our unrivalled partner network, means you’ll be choosing a winning team that delivers solutions to ensure the best results for your business.

Silverline employs nearly 100 staff nationwide and operates from 125,000 sq ft headquarters in Mildenhall, Suffolk.

All products are manufactured in the UK

Their  flagship showroom in London’s Clerkenwell district allows them to showcase their commitment to innovation, flexibility marketing leading design and unrivalled customer service.



Silverline understands that every customer is unique and over the years has become highly skilled working with partners to develop tailored solutions, constructed to meet the precise needs of each client.

FIlingCabinets has a UK wide sales support team and our experienced project management team adopts a professional approach in moving your project through from initial concept and design to completion. Focusing on time, budget and quality together with meticulous planning and attention to detail, our sales team will ensure your expectations are achieved or surpassed on every occasion.

 We offer the full range of Silverline products see our list below:


Silverline Colour Palette

Silverline Colour palette