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Wooden Cupboards

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Dams Furniture Ltd


Dams are a family owned UK manufacturer and wholesaler of office furniture. Dams Furniture Ltd was established in 2009, however the Dams brand dates back to 1967 and has a long established history in the UK office furniture sector. We are based over 3 sites in Merseyside and operate out of a 75,000² ft manufacturing facility, a 125,000² ft warehouse and distribution facility and our 35,000² ft seating and upholstery factory. Our product range ensures we offer a one stop shop solution for “all your office furniture needs”


It is this commitment to service and investment that ensures Dams is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler in the UK office furniture market


Manufacturing - Wooden Panels

 This process takes melamine faced chipboard (MFC) and turns it into quality office furniture through a number of key production processes.


All the MFC used at Dams is sourced from leading UK manufacturers who are fully FSC registered and PEFC compliant. Our wooden panel production covers over 75,000² ft and employs 130 staff producing over 50,000 panels per week making it one of the largest in the UK.


Two Biomass boilers’ heat the 200,000² ft factory, warehouse and office space reducing our demand for oil and gas at the same time as improving our waste recycling, with over 95% being converted.


About Tangent


Tangent has been a leading light in British office furniture design and manufacturing for more than three decades, consistently in step with rapidly changing trends in working practices, technology and legislation.

With a state of the art, 75, 000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Oxfordshire and a commitment to relentless innovation through research, development and design, Tangent has set the standards for the UK office furniture market.

Tangent’s goal is to continue to manufacture office furniture of the highest quality, which combines innovative and thorough design with competitive prices, whilst aiming to deliver the best customer experience in the served markets.

Our carefully selected network of dealers provides a professional level of support and service throughout the UK and beyond.

All our products are manufactured to the highest standards with rigorous quality control system in place accredited with ISO 9001.



Tangent aim to create exceptional and pioneering products that offer genuine value and provide outstanding project management, delivery and installation. Our stylish and comprehensive product portfolio has been designed to meet the technological demands of a modern office and to suit a variety of application and budgets.

The new P.D.Q. collection offers a choice and assurance that you can complete your project quickly and with style, with a speedy 7-10 working days delivery lead time.




Relay Plus is our latest addition to the Relay bench system with improved connectivity. Designed with sliding tops, Relay Plus provides easy access to the cable tray from the desktop. Wires, connections and sockets are easy to install, hide and access whenever necessary.

Relay offers unique features on a versatile and functional bench system. Simple clean lines disguise a robust sub frame which offers flexible seating arrangements on a simple and cost effective platform.

Relay’s systemised structure can be specified to the level of sophistication required. It simply adapts to your working styles, available budget and grows with your organisation.




However you work, Qore can be adapted to suit your exact work-style. It provides cost effective solutions for every office type from open plan benching, call centres to cellular and trading office configuration.

Designed and tested to the most rigorous standards, Qore allows you to build your office with future proof IT and desk accessories at the heart of the workstation.

Integrating your IT requirements to Qore’s adaptive platform is easy. Cable management, PCs, monitors and much more can be easily accommodated within the system, making Qore more than just a desk, but a complete office solution.




Challenger is a flexible desking system designed to suit the varied spaces and work patterns within your office today and tomorrow. The key to its flexibility is its adjustable length horizontal beam, which not only allows for different size and shape work surfaces, but makes sharing legs easy and simple, without any need for additional or different components.


Neo Evolution


Visualise an office where architecture, furniture and technology all interconnect. By bringing together these elements, we can re-think our office space to reflect how we work. Neo Evolution provides structure to workspace, supports individual or team work and gives users the freedom to work the way they want and to adapt and evolve with the changing workplace.

Work privately on one task, then adapt the workspace for a different activity or work style. Functional work or project groups can sit alongside each other in a creative environment promoting communication and team work.

With a multitude of configurations and a variety of accessories Neo Evolution can be tailored to suit your individual work style.



Designed by John Walsh

80:80 provides a foundation for flexible space. The delineators that define territory have been removed allowing the user to annex as much space as the task in hand requires. It caters equally well for individuals with independent tasks or a project team engaged in group activities.



Designed by award-winning furniture designer – John Walsh

Tangent continues in its commitment to create innovative and aesthetic products for today’s office environments. The essential building blocks of the contemporary workplace; desking, storage and technology management, are intrinsically linked, and Form is Tangent’s response. Form gives designers the opportunity to create homogeneous workplace interiors where desking and storage are at one visually. Form’s surfaces; vertical, horizontal and lateral, flow into each other to create a united, non-conflicting and understated aesthetic.



Stealth is a high quality cantilever desking range with integral modesty panel.

The key element of Stealth’s structure is the attractive steel cantilever leg with built in vertical cable management. Stealth offers excellent stability, durability and a selection of top shapes such as rectangular, wave and crescent, Stealth provides a great value for money solution for today’s office needs.



Versatile Working within Budget


Pricepoint is a range of extremely competitively priced desking and storage solutions. Available in four different desk formations which are cantilever, height adjustable, panel end and four legged; Pricepoint offers good value for money without compromising quality. With a multitude of desktop shapes and sizes to choose from, it is a flexible solution for any organisation and budget.


Tangent Office Furniture provide a wide range of office solutions including:

  • Tangent Height adjustable office desks (electirc and manual)

  • Tangent Bench office furniture deks

  • Tangent Wave Office furniture Desks

  • Tangent office Chairs

  • Tangent 2 drawer foolscap and A4 wooden filing cabinets

  • Tangent 3 drawer foolscap and A4 wooden filing cabinets

  • Tangent 4 drawer foolscap and A4 wooden filing cabinets

  • Tangent wooden Tambour units for filing and storage

  • Tanegnet Wooden cupboards

  • Tangent Open book cases

  • Education storage solutions

  • Tangent Storage walls

  • Tangent lockers

With a wide range of finishes and products manufactured in the UK, you