Bisley Under Desk F-Series

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Welcome to our range of Bisley F Series storage and filing cabinets.

These filing cabinets are ideal for small office and home filing solutions with a smaller footprint the cabinets are

  • 470mm   deep
  • 470mm   wide
  • 711mm    High

Bisley F Series Filing & storage cabinets are available in the following formats:

F Series Flush Front                                         

  • 0503     Bisley 1F3E - 1 filing and 3 storage drawers          H711mmX D470mm  X W470mm
  • 0463     Bisley 2FE - 2 filing drawers                                   H711mmX D470mm  X W470mm
  • 0493     Bisley F6E - 6 storage drawer                                H711mmX D470mm  X W470mm

F Series Classic Front (chrome handle and card holder)                                     

  • 050       Bisley 1F3 - 1 filing and 3 storage drawers             H711mmX D470mm  X W470mm
  • 046       Bisley 2F - 2 filing drawers                                      H711mmX D470mm  X W470mm
  • 049       Bisley F6 - 6 storage drawers                                 H711mmX D470mm  X W470mm

With a choice of  2, 4 and 6 drawer versions these fabulous cabinets can store just about anything.

Optional insert trays and file bars for A4 filing (foolscap is standard).

Ideal height for desk storage. Combine colours for a great home office or storage solutions.

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