Lavoro Height Adjustable Desk
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Home Office Desks 

Your office desk is where the work. It’s your main workstation at home to enable you to focus and manage your time, where you do your planning, writing, emailing, working, studying, filing, crafting, homework, and more.
Your home office desk is where you’re at your most productive and with the current emphasis on working from home, it’s your business, so choosing the perfect desk to fit your needs is a big decision.
With a multitude of options, choosing a desk has never been more exciting. To help you find the perfect desk, there are a few features you can search by to make the shopping process easier.
The main elements to consider when purchasing online for a new desk are:
  • Function
  • Size
  • Practicality
  • Blend into your home

When searching online for a new desk, consider first the size of the room.

Where is your desk going, a bedroom, a study, the living room, under the stairs or in a garden office? Will your desk go into a spacious office or in a cosy corner? Corner desks, for example, fit perfectly into small spaces, making them a perfect for children too. On the other end of the spectrum, commercial office desks and legal desks have more generous proportions, extra leg room, multiple drawers, and sometimes even an attached bookcase to create ample room for storage.


Don't forget to check the depth,

Most desks are between 71 and 73cm high but more importantly 60 to 70cm deep, Anything under 60cm is rather shallow and your PC, Laptop is very close to your face and our legs may be against a wall

What will you use your desk for?
  • Writing (do you need more storage)
  • General work, don't forget power cables and monitor arms
  • Will be for a long time (have you considered sit-stand or height adjustable desks)
Computer and gaming desks are ergonomically designed for those who work for long periods of time at a desk and need to sit at their desk without fear of injury. Importantly don't forget your seat. A gaming and computer desk might also feature a raised platform for your monitor and extra raised space for the computer tower on the floor. For more ergonomic support, a height-adjustable standing desk.
Here at Home and office we have selected a range to suit every home and every requirement so browse and ask us if you ahve any questions