We know that you sometimes have questions and we have listed the most frequently asked ones below.

Just scroll down the page and we will hopefully have the answer. If not e-mail or phone us on 01276 536255


How long will it take for me to get my order?

Our aim is to provide a first class service at cost effective levels. Orders for items that are stocked will be delivered within 5-7 working days and placed in the location you require subject to access. Products that include an instalation are delivered to your office, site or home, unwrapped and the waste removed and recycled. Delivery is to UK mainland only.

Ebonium offer a wide range of non-stocked units which are manufactured to order on longer lead times of up to 20 workings. However, it is worth waiting for these built-to-order items.

Please see individual product listings for details of the delivery timescales for the individual product.

If you need filing cabinets or steel cupboards quickly, please either:

e-mail                          info@ebonium.com

phone                          01276 53625

See our next day range: HERE

stating the product and the requirement.

ebonium will then advise on the shortest lead time. However, we aim to keep our promises so will provide realistic, achievable dates.


When will I know my order is being delivered?

(On installation items)

You will:

  • Receive an order confirmation from us with your order details confirmed 
  • Receive up-dates on your order process 
  • Recieve  a phone call or e-mail from our booking-in team to advise on the delivery day
  • Then receive a call the day before dleivery advising of a 2 hour time slot
  • Then receive a call from the delivery team 30 minutes to an hour before delivery
  • Deliveries are made Monday to Friday usually between 7:00am and 6.00pm.

You will also receive an e-mail confirmation of your order with the relevant reference number. Keep this to hand in case you need to check with us.


What happens if my goods are damaged, faulty or incomplete?

 (On installation items)

The focus for ebonium is to deliver right first time. The delivery company unwraps and inspects the product with you before a signature is requested. In the unlikely event that an item is damaged, the delivery note must be signed stating this and products will be replaced. If the unwrap and put in situ service is declined when it is offered, it is still the recipients responsibility to check the goods are complete and undamaged before signing.


What are the delivery charges?


 Delivery is free on all orders over £100.00   apart from orders to Scotland & N Ireland.. Any additional charges that may apply will be pre-determined and agreed before any item is despatched. We do not want you to have any misgivings or hidden charges. We do however reserve the right to make a charge equivalent to extra costs incurred if goods have been despatched and you are unable to receive the delivery.

Do products require assembling?

ebonium have selected a range of assembled products for our customers. Some items may require levelling and this will be done by the delivery team prior to leaving. Bisley Cupboards or tambours with shelves or internal fitments will be left with the internal items unfitted as most customers find them easy to install and may wish to change shelf heights etc once products are on site. It is important that all units are loaded form the bottom up to ensure stability.


Can I have a discount for a large order?

Of course we want to work with and for you. We have all seen the TV adverts on how this country does not negotiate. The answer is possibly. ebonium can only offer the service by investing in the solutions provided. We can cut corners but this is not what we want to do. Therefore, contact us by phone or e-mail and we will try and help.


Can I pay by cheque or BACS?

We accept numerous methods of payment. Most companies have business credit cards which are secure and trusted. However, we can accept a BACS or cheque payment. ebonium will provide a pro forma invoice and once payment is cleared we will release the product to you notifying you of the delivery date. We will also apply this to the 20 day lead time products, where payment must clear before we order the product to be manufactured.


Can you provide a quotation?

For orders over £1000 we will provide a quote if required.


I am a public sector organisation. Can I order with a purchase order?


ebonium can accept official Purchase Orders from Public Sector organisations such as Schools, Councils, NHS etc.

Please e-mail your purchase order to info@bisleydirect.co.uk 

The order will be reviewed and processed. Payment terms will be agreed prior to order confirmation.


Can I place an order with a corporate purchase order?


Please contact us to discuss orders over £1500


                       Telephone 01276 536255


Can I phone you?


Yes. Our telephone number is 01276 536255


What are the paper sizes?


Paper Sizes      
Format A series Height width Depth
A0     841mm   1189mm
A1     594mm   841mm
A2     420mm   594mm
A3     297mm   420mm
A4     210mm   297mm
A5     148mm   210mm
A6     105mm   148mm
A7     74mm   105mm
A8     52mm   74mm
A9     37mm   52mm
A10     26mm   37mm
Format  Height width Depth
Foolscap   203mm 330mm
Legal   216mm 356mm
American Letter   216mm 280mm
Suspension Hanging files A4 235mm   320mm
Suspension hanging files Foolscap 240mm   360mm
Lateral hanging files 275mm   330mm
Lever arch files A4 318mm 75mm 280mm
Lever arch files Foolscap 350mm 75mm 280mm
Box files A4 337mm 75mm 265mm
Box Files Foolscap 368mm 75mm 265mm
Video 120mm 205mm 30mm
CD 142mm 125mm 10mm
DVD 190mm 135mm 14mm
Format B Series      
Format  Height width Depth
B0     1000mm   1414mm
B1     707mm   1000mm
B2     500mm   707mm
B3     353mm   500mm
B4     250mm   353mm
B5     176mm   250mm
B6     125mm   176mm
B7     88mm   125mm
B8     62mm   88mm
B9     44mm   62mm
B10     31mm   44mm
Format C Series      
Format  Height width Depth
C0     917mm   1297mm
C1     648mm   917mm
C2     458mm   648mm
C3     324mm   458mm
C4     229mm   324mm
C5     162mm   229mm
C6     114mm   162mm
C7     81mm   114mm
C8     57mm   81mm
C9     40mm   57mm
C10     28mm   40mm