Personal Storage

Filing Cabines range of Bisley/Silverline lockers

See the list of lockers below:

Two sizes of Bisley Contract lockers are available

  • CLK12 range 305mm wide by 305mm deep
  • CLK18 range 305mm wide by 457mm deep

Available in the following combinations

  • CLK121    Bisley 1 Door Locker
  • CLK122    Bisley 2 Door Locker
  • CLK124    Bisley 4 Door Locker
  • CLK126    Bisley 6 Door Locker

 Also available

  • CLK181    Bisley 1 Door Locker
  • CLK182    Bisley 2 Door Locker
  • CLK184    Bisley 4 Door Locker
  • CLK186    Bisley 6 Door Locker


Bisley CLK contract lockers are available on Fast track in Goose Grey and can be manufactured with an optional hasp lock for padlocks

Choose from the following colours :

 Bisley Direct Limited offer a wide range of bisley steel storage and filing cabinets for home and office use 

  • Chalk by Bisley
  • White by Bisley
  • Light Grey by Bisley
  • Goose Grey by Bisley
  • Anthracite by Bisley
  • Black by Bisley
  • Silver by Bisley
  • Azure Blue by Bisley
  • Dark Blue (oxford) by Bisley
  • Fuschia Pink by Bisley
  • Cardinal Red by Bisley
  • Cream by Bisley
  • Coffee by Bisley
  • Coffee Cream by Bisley
  • Mimosa Green by Bisley
  • Canary Yellow by Bisley
  • Mandarin Orange by Bisley