Contract Lockers 1, 2,4 or 6 door versions

Kontrax Lockers

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Filing Cabinets range of Budget Contract lockers


We have a number of different sizes and supplier sof lockerswhihc include

Two sizes of Bisley Contract lockers are available

  • CLK12 range 305mm wide by 305mm deep

  • CLK18 range 305mm wide by 457mm deep


Available in the following combinations

  • CLK121    Bisley 1 Door Locker

  • CLK122    Bisley 2 Door Locker

  • CLK124    Bisley 4 Door Locker

  • CLK126    Bisley 6 Door Locker


 Also available

  • CLK181    Bisley 1 Door Locker

  • CLK182    Bisley 2 Door Locker

  • CLK184    Bisley 4 Door Locker

  • CLK186    Bisley 6 Door Locker


Bisley CLK contract lockers are available on Fast track in Goose Grey and can be manufactured with an optional hasp lock for padlocks

 Along with Silverline Kontrax Lockers available as

  • Silverline Standard lockers 1780mm high by 305mm deep by 305mm wide
    • LKS01D22SD 1 Door Locker
    • LKS02D22SD 2 Door Locker
    • LKS03D22SD 3 Door Locker
    • LKS04D22SD 4 Door Locker
    • LKS06D22SD 6 Door Locker
    • LKS10D22SD 10 Door Locker
    • LKS16D22SD 1 6Door Locker

  • Silverline deep kontrax lockers 1780mm high by 458mm deep by 305mm wide
    • LKSD1D22SD 1 Door Locker
    • LKSD2D22SD 2 Door Locker
    • LKSD3D22SD 3 Door Locker
    • LKSD4D22SD 4 Door Locker
    • LKSD6D22SD 6 Door Locker
    • LKSD10D22SD 10 Door Locker
    • LKSD16D22SD 1 6Door Locker

Silverline Kontrax lockers have 5 year gurarantee and 2 key mastered series with standard cam lock fitted

Single and 2 tier lockers ahve coat hooks fitted as standard

Optional extras for SIlverline Kontrax budget and value lockers include

  • Silverline Combination lock
  • Silverline hasp and staple lock ( a padlock is required for this item.
  • Silverline Coin operated lock
  • Silverline Digital lock
  • Sloping tops
  • Coat rail
  • Postal slots

Wide versions are also available at 458mm wide ask for details

Choose from the following colours :

 Bisley Direct Limited offer a wide range of bisley steel storage and filing cabinets for home and office use 

  • Chalk by Bisley
  • White by Bisley
  • Light Grey by Bisley
  • Goose Grey by Bisley
  • Anthracite by Bisley
  • Black by Bisley
  • Silver by Bisley
  • Azure Blue by Bisley
  • Dark Blue (oxford) by Bisley
  • Fuschia Pink by Bisley
  • Cardinal Red by Bisley
  • Cream by Bisley
  • Coffee by Bisley
  • Coffee Cream by Bisley
  • Mimosa Green by Bisley
  • Canary Yellow by Bisley
  • Mandarin Orange by Bisley