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Our Range of Fast and Next Day Delivery Office Furniture Products

Bisley Direct Limited are delighted to offer a range of Next Day Office furniture products, so if you need your office furniture in a hurry we have a Next Day and fast delivery service if ordered by 2pm. The Next Day delivery service is a basic to door service and is suitable for companies and individuals who have the capacity to take products inside the premises themselves. Phone us at filingcabinets on 01276 536255 if you need help.

Our standard Delivery service for large products is “deliver” to place of use and unwrapping so please make sure you select the right service when checking out.

 We offer a range of Talos, Bisley filing cabinets and storage solutions on our next day and fast day delivery for tomorrow service along with a range of desks and chairs. Products are delivered Next Day direct to you subject to stock availability

Our range of core next day stocked products are available from our Next Day section and are available on a quick turn-round for fast delivery.

Choose from our range of Next Day office furniture Products:

  • Next Day Filing Cabinets
    • Bisley Next Day Filing Cabinets
    • Choose Next Day Budget Contract or Premium filing
    • Talos Filing Cabinets in White
      • 2 Drawer, 3 drawer and 4 drawer in White grey and black
  • Next Day Side filing cabinets
    • 2, 3 of 4 Drawer Next Day Side filers
  • Next Day Two Door Storage Cupboards
    • Bisley Fast Delivery Two door Cupboards
    • Bisley Next Day Budget Stationery Cupboards
    • Talos Steel Storage Next Day two door cupboards in White and Grey
  • Next Day Multidrawers
    • Select from our stocked Colourful 5 or 8 drawer Next Day Multidrawer
    • 9, 10 or 15 Drawer Next Day Grey Multidrawers  
  • Next Day Storage Tambour Cupboards
    • Talos Tambour Cupboards on Fast Delivery
    • Bisley Tambours in Silver and Grey with Light Grey Oak or Beech Shutters Next Day
  • Next Day Personal Storage Lockers
    • Standard one door, two-door, four door and six door Next day lockers
  • Next Day Desks
    • View the range of Height Adjustable sit-stand Next Day Desks
    • Cluster Fast delivery Desks
    • Bench desks on Fast Delivery
    • Budget Education Desks
  • Next Day Office Chairs
    • Affordable Next Day office chairs
    • Budget Fast Delivery Office Chairs
    • Executive Next Day office Chairs
  • Next Day Break out furniture
    • High seating dn Tables on Fast Delivery
  • Next-Day Under Desk Pedestals
    • Wooden or Steel Talos Next Day Pedestals
  • Next-Day Wooden Office Furniture
    • Two, three or Four drawers Wooden Next day filing cabinets

Our range of fast delivery and Next Day products is stocked for quicker delivery in a range of core products and sizes. With over 30,000 products online, we cannot stock every item, but we have the majority of key ranges available for our customers.  We recognize that demand for Next Day products can fluctuate and on the odd occasion we get short of stock we will notify you quickly.

Please note that most Next Day deliveries are to the door only and are usually a pallet delivery so please make sure there is good access and a clear route to get your products inside.


Contact us if you need more information.  01276 536255 for Next Day and Fast Delivery Office Furniture and home office products