Our ranges of specialist storage and filing cabinets

ebonkum supply a range of specialist storage solutions that include the following solutions:

  • Bisley A0 metal Plan Files with 5 or 10 drawers
  • Bisley A1 metal plan files with five or ten drawers
  • Wooden plan chests on wheels for mobile solutions
  • 6 drawer card index cabinets
  • 7 drawer card index cabinets
  • 9 drawer card index cabinets
  • single drawer card filers and index cabinets
  • double 2 drawer card filers and index cabinets
  • A3 size filing cxabinets
  • 5 Drawer foolscap filing cabinets
  • Fire safe and secure storage
  • Combination units drawer with cupboards, drawer and tambours, lockers and cupboards

The ranges of specialized cabinets are available in a variety of colours and finishes

For more infomration contact us at sales@Bisley Direct Limited.com