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Quiet Spaces

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  1. Oasis soft Hub Solo
    Oasis soft Hub Solo
    As low as £2,398.80 £1,999.00
  2. Oasis soft Hub Duo Quiet Space
    Oasis soft Hub Duo Quiet Space
    As low as £4,198.80 £3,499.00
  3. Oasis soft Hub Team Quiet Space
    Oasis soft Hub Team Quiet Space
    As low as £5,038.80 £4,199.00
  4. Quiet Space Phone Booth Pod
    Quiet Space Phone Booth Pod
    As low as £7,198.80 £5,999.00
  5. Oasis Linear Duo Pod
    Oasis Linear Duo Pod
    As low as £9,598.80 £7,999.00
  6. Oasis Soft Duo Open fronted Booth
    Oasis Soft Duo Open fronted Booth
    As low as £10,438.80 £8,699.00
  7. Oasis soft Team Booth (open fronted)
    Oasis soft Team Booth (open fronted)
    As low as £9,598.80 £7,999.00
  8. Oasis soft Team POD
    Oasis soft Team POD
    As low as £13,798.80 £11,499.00
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8 Items

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Quiet Spaces

In our quiet office space section we are excited to be able to assist in creating an environment designed to work for you.

The way we work has changed and open plan offices mean that it is hard to find thoe tranquila spaces to meet, engage and simply work quietly.

The Oasis soft and Linear ranges by Frem offer an oasis of calm in our busy schedules, designed to give a softer, less formal feel while providing a smart, flexible and adaptable space to work.

The range has been created iwth soft lines and curves crafted with acoustically absorbent panels. It allows workers to to create an ideal enviroment for versatile individul and collabarative work as well as informal or formal meetings.

From ambient lighting and soft ergonomic seating, to integrated technoogy and unique features such as louvred ceilings, Frem continual invest and develope work space solutions.

Our range of products include:

  • Oasis Soft Hub in solo, duo or team sizes to work in your existing open plan office. With it;s modular design you can personalise your space
  • Oasis Soft Booth in Duo or Team sizes  is a room within a room, the open fronted quiet space has no door allowing semi private meetings and break out sessions 
  • Oasis Soft Pod in Duo and Team Sizes where formal meetings and privacy is essential, with air circulation fans and sliding doors the POD is a fully enclosed space
  • Oasis Soft Phone Booth   Providinng a peaceful environment for phone calls or video meetings,equipped with premium acoustic material you can work in confidence
  • Oasis Linear Duo for small meetings and ultra modern solutions for one to ones. Fully enclosed with a full ceiling and glazed rear wall teh POD stays light airy and fresh

All our meeting spaces use the latest technology to provide the perfect space for communicating whether in a group or on calls. Carefully selected acoustically absorbent materials reduce the reverbaration of sound that is produced in the booths and pods, creating a comfortable acoustic experience for those inside.

Noise levels in a typical office range form 45 and 55dB, noise inside the booths and pods is reduced by up to 30dB for comfort.

Frem are committed to protecting the environment and always aim to manufacture products using recylable and sustainable materials and are produced in Britain.

Filing cabinets are delighted to working with a progressive manufacturer and will assist in managing teh installation and project to comletion

About Frem

A UK designer and manufacturer of workplace solutions


Frem are a leading UK manufacturer of innovative office, reception and meeting room furniture, storage solutions and library furniture. They create spaces that are not just for offices, libraries, or schools: they are places where life happens, and people connect.

From bespoke reception areas and boardroom furniture, to standard desks and seating, storage and acoustic solutions;

Frem offers the flexibility to be able to do it all.

Frem's established and respected in-house designers, and experienced, highly-skilled engineers and cabinet makers allow us to provide superior quality, manufactured to the highest standards, offering excellent value for money. Standard, or bespoke, we furnish all needs. Frem are the perfect choice to execute your vision, and push the boundaries that innovative businesses demand.

From humble beginnings in a kitchen, to a world-renowned company, Frem’s success is all down to passion, and people. As an independent, family-owned business, they are passionate about creating solutions that improve work spaces.

That passion is contagious: our customers regularly tell us (and others) about how impressed they are with our products and services. Because most of our contracts are down to recommendations from existing clients, we believe we are meeting, and exceeding their needs.

Frem use a network of trusted dealers to sell our products, enabling us to put our customers first, every step of the way. Our dealers know that no challenge is too big for us, and trust that we can solve any problems we are presented with.

Despite being a world-renowned company, Frem have kept the family business feeling, ensuring that every staff member feels valued, and engaged with their role in our success.


With a wide range range of products including:

Reception Furniture






Acoustic PODS

Library storage

Education Storage


Technology solutions


Oasis Linear Phone Booth

The Oasis Linear Phone Booth from Frem provides a stylish, cost effective, yet flexible office solution. Providing a stunning and peaceful environment for phone calls, video conference and silent retreat for uninterrupted work. Frem are a UK based manufacturing and having been at the forefront of office space design and utilisation.

With the way we are working changing creating a quiet space environment or POD that is designed to work for every office.

The Oasis Linear booth is designed as part of a range of stylish furniture and with the option of:

  • Oasis Linear Phone Booth
  • Oasis Linear Duo POD
  • Oasis Team Booth designs

The enitre range is available with a clean standard look and a choice of fabric, veneer or laminate finishes and aluminium anodised corner frames with veneer/laminate corners.

The Oasis Linear range is designed with bold lines and crafted with acoustically absorbent fabric interior panels and hydraulically closing doors that quietly seal behind you, the range ensure you can concentrate and converse in private.

Our range of acoustic booths and pods by frem are designed with a number of standard features including:

  • A wide worksurface
  • Power modules fitted as standard
  • LED ceiling light
  • Passive infra red sensor that turns the light on when you enter
  • Air circulation fan
  • Acosutic lined panels.

With a range of personalistaion options no pod needs be the same and with optional external wraps your imagination can lead you to a solution you want.

Unlike a number of other solutions the range has no base, making the products safe from trip hazards as well as quick to install, so each Oasis Linear Phone Booth can be used quickly and works around your oexistiong office space.



  • Height 2250mm
  • Width 1140mm
  • Depth 1140mm


  • Height 2100mm
  • Width 1000mm
  • Depth 1000mm

Door standard Right handed with 10mm toughened glass and hydraulic self closing door

LED Ceiling Light

Passive Infra Red sensor for lights

Air circulation Fan

Acoustic lined panels

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