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100cm Wide

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  1. YETB1010/1S- Bisley Essential Tambour Height 100cm
    Bisley Essentials 2 Door Tambour with 1 shelf H 100 W 100 D 47cm YETB10101S-
    As low as £394.80 £329.00
  2. YETB1011/1S- Bisley Essential Tambour Height 107cm
    Bisley Essentials 2 Door Tambour with 1 shelf H 107 W 100 D 47cm YETB10111S-
    As low as £394.80 £329.00
  3. YETB1012/2S- Bisley Essential Tambour Height 127cm
    Bisley Essentials 2 Door Tambour with 2 shelves H 127 W 100 D 47cm YETB10122S-
    As low as £442.80 £369.00
  4. YETB1015/3S.5-aa3-Anthracite Bisley Essential Tambour Height 157c
    Bisley Essentials 2 Door Tambour with 3 shelves H 157 W 100 D 47cm YETB10153S-
    As low as £430.80 £359.00
  5. YETB1019/4S- Bisley Essential Tambour Height 197cm
    Bisley Essentials 2 Door Tambour with 4 shelves H 197 W 100 D 47cm YETB10194S-
    As low as £466.80 £389.00
  6. YETB1022/5S.5-Bisley Essential Tambour Height 227cm
    Bisley Essentials 2 Door Tambour with 5 shelves H 227 W 100 D 47cm YETB10225S-
    As low as £826.80 £689.00
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Filing Cabinets 'sTambour Product Selector

BisleyDirect have the largest range of Bisley Steel storage tambours, choose for the following products to build your own combination of shutter colour and cabinet colour.

Avaialble in 5 heights the Steel storage Tambour AST is the right choice for home or office.

With a colour choice of 5 different Tambours in:

  • Bisley Light Grey
  • Bisley Dark Grey
  • Bisley SIlver
  • Bisley Black
  • Bisley Cream

and a further 17 different cabinet colours 

Choose from the following colours :

 ebonium offer a wide range of Bisley steel storage and filing cabinets for home and office use 

  • Chalk by Bisley
  • White by Bisley
  • Light Grey by Bisley
  • Goose Grey by Bisley
  • Anthracite by Bisley
  • Black by Bisley
  • Silver by Bisley
  • Azure Blue by Bisley
  • Dark Blue (oxford) by Bisley
  • Fuschia Pink by Bisley
  • Cardinal Red by Bisley
  • Cream by Bisley
  • Coffee by Bisley
  • Coffee Cream by Bisley
  • Mimosa Green by Bisley
  • Canary Yellow by Bisley
  • Mandarin Orange by Bisley

And do not forget your internal fitments 

  • Standard Shelf              BBSP1:
  • Undershelf Filing          198P1
  • Slotted Shelf                 BSSPDP1
  • Shelf Dividers               SHDV85P5PS (pack of 5)
  • Pigeon hole pack          PGNHLESET     shelf not included
  • Roll out Drawer             RODWR4
  • Roll out shelf                 ROSH
  • Wardrobe shelf              BWS
  • Wardrobe pack              BWP    for 1.9m  and 1.8m cupboard only


With Bisley AST Tambour steel vertical storage solutions customers receive a manuifacturer 5 year guarantee and we deliver and install the products for you. There are a great range of colours and combinations within the versatile Side Opening Tambour cupboard Bisley Range. Products are approved to BS EN14073 and all fitments are available in black or light grey.

Bisley Side opening tambour cupboards are ideal for office and home office use and are the solution for steel storage.

Bisley Internal Tambour overview



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