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Easy Office by Paperflow


Why would you look at any other tambour solution, these fabuolous tambours by easy office are simple to assemble and look great in the office or home.

Contemporary and welcoming


Structure : made of metal and high impact tinted polystyrene.

Tambour : Polypropylene tambour doors with 15 mm thin strips rolling up to hide in the sides walls for a complete visibility and access to the cabinet interior.

Built-in handles and fitted locks with 2 keys provided.

Equipped : with metal shelves adjustable every 8 cm with notch for suspension files.

Loading capacity : up to 75 kg/shelf.

Capacity for 80 suspension files or 11 lever-arch files (7,5 cm spine) or 10 archives boxes (8 cm spine).

Internal dimensions : W.86 x D.37.5 cm. External dimensions : W.110 x D. 41.5 cm. 2 heights : H. 104 cm (2 shelves) H. 204 cm (4 shelves

With over 1000 easy office designs and a great design your own solution we are dleighted to be a premium easy office tambour re-seller.

Here at filingcabinets we look for different and unique products and with the range of finishes and themes we are sure that every home office and work space office should be an easy office.


Each 1m easyoffice tambour comes with 2 shelves and each 2m easy office Tambour is supplied with 4 shelves.

With a range of accessories let your fiing and storage become and easyoffice

  • Lever Arch file holder in grey or black  9 compartments or 12 compartments

  • Individual vertical organiser for vertical and horizontal organisation

  • Stackable horizontal organiser

  • Stackable drawer module

  • Individaul vertical organiser